michanical |myˈkanikəl|  adjective  1 creative works produced and built by hand: auto, moto, cycle, equipment, furniture, paint and refinishing • of or relating to machinery, music, and michael haines. 2 relating to physical forces of motion; physical: the smoothness was the result of hard work. • (of a theory) explaining phenomena in terms only of physical processes that results in pleasure to the senses. • of or relating to mechanics as a science of art. noun 1 michanicals; the working parts of michaels projects, esp. a custom garage build. 2 paint; a completed assembly of artwork and copy, typically mounted on the surface of a bad ass ride. 3 metal work; an excellent creation and or perfection of hand crafted metal..
To know Truth is to know the evidence, facts, knowledge, logic, proof, and wisdom. To be in the absence of Truth is to have belief, confusion, deceit, faith, ignorance and illogic. Religions, Politicians & Media affirm, teach, validate, and exploit the "believe" and "have faith" and be "emotional" strategies to manipulate the masses to extract our resources. As followers, or products of these strategies, retrospectively we become programmed to use emotions to guide our thought process. When making decisions based on emotions, we are without reasoning. When we are without reasoning, we tend to be ignorant, illogical, irresponsible, unstable, and inevitably surrender our decision process to "higher powers". "Irresponsibility" is the mission statement of Religions, hence the need for a "savior" to carry the burden of the responsibilities. When we substitute our decision thinking process with an emotional decision making process, we tend to become attention deficit, because our emotions regulate our thought patterns, therefore we think based on how we feel, which is much easier then every decision requiring reasoning through a thorough in depth analytical process, which requires focus. Therefore, when we are not analyzing, focus is not required, and our focus ability becomes less and less powerful. Emotions are a primitive simple feeling, frequently changing behavior, based on a circumstantial environment. When our mind is aligned in the manner of utilizing emotion in place of thinking, our thoughts become easily disrupted, and thinking quickly and frequently shifts, inevitably rendering focus impossible. Therefore, as emotional thinkers, we are easily distracted, redirected, and manipulated. When thinking emotionally, we require constant circumstantial environmental fluctuation to feel stimulated. When thinking logically on the other hand, we require evidence, facts, knowledge, logic, proof, and wisdom to be stimulated. Therefore, It is the emotional thinker that frequently acts out in forms of violence to feel a following sense of peace and so on. Emotional thinkers are frequently in support, and responsible for acts of vindictive wars against opposing religious faith regions, because war and strife elsewhere realizes the emotional needs for fluctuation, peace, and security at home, while simultaneously affirming an indoctrinated, self proclaimed religious righteousness. War is a political mechanization to extrapolate natural resources, driven by the power hungry, greedy, emotional, insecure, and unstable. Thinking logically on the other hand, causes us to think in the totality of the overall expense to the all of humanity, therefore peace, security, and stability becomes our natural common behavior. Ultimately we are responsible for our thought process, emotional behavioral patterns, decisions and actions - which should be based in truth, evidence, fact, knowledge, logic, proof, and wisdom.
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I make things - Autos, Aeros, Motos, Bikes, Equipment, Furniture. I specialize in expert metal work, custom auto builds and Harley-Davidson cafe racers. I am a polymath; artist / artisan, builder, blacksmith, designer, dreamer, electrician, fabricator, intuitive, inventor, maker, mechanic, metalworker, painter, philosopher, photographer, rejuvenator, sculptor, thinker, welder.. I am blue collar. - Michael Haines
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